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We are pleased to announce that our college has started the three diploma programs i.e. Diploma in Physiotherapy, Diploma in Optometry and Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician. All these programs are well recognized in medical industry. There is 100% placement assistance in all programs running by Sai Group of Institutions. Please contact to our welcome desk regarding about our all programs and facilities.

Rules relating to Withdrawal, Leave and Absence
  • In case parents/guardian seeks to withdraw their ward in the midst of session, they will give one month’s prior information to the principal in writing. They also to pay the fees or remaining part of the duration and obtain clearance certificate from various departments after paying outstanding dues if any.
  • A student shell be withdrawn or asked to leave the on the following grounds:
    (a)- Indiscipline and misconduct, abetting criminal behavior like smoking, stealing, using drugs, gambling and habitual offender.
    (b)- Nonpayment of college dues in time, damaging college property, cheating in examination, unauthorized absence from college for more then 10 consecutive days.
  • A leave of absence will be granted on prior written application endorsed by the guardian for valid reason only.
  • The grant of leave shell solely rest with the Principal/Director.
  • A student returning to college after illness shell produce physician’s certificate of fitness.
  • Uniform:
    Uniform is a part of discipline. Students are expected to adhere to the code of uniform without violation.
Uniform is a part of discipline. Students are expected to adhere to the code of uniform without violation.
For Boys For Girls
- Plain white Shirt (half/full sleeve). - Plain white Kurta/Shirt
- White Trousers. - Plain white Salwar/Paints
- White half-sleeve Apron/Coat. - Plain half sleeve apron/coat
- Cherry striped Tie of approved pattern. - Plain white chunni.
- Black Shoe, Grey Socks. - Plain cheery Sweaters
- Cherry Plain Sweater/blazer. - Blouse/Blazer in winter.
Class Room: The class rooms are well furnished and highly ventilated with spacious seating arrangement, raised platform for the lecturer and with audio visual aids to strengthen effect of lecture
Hostel Facility: Hostel facility is available separately for boys and girls. There is 24 hours light and water facility. Residential flats are available for teachers.
Tel : (0571) 2222034
Fax : (0571) 2402188
Email : srisamc@yahoo.com