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"Education is an Investment for Generations: So Goes Our Talisman" (Admission Advisor)

Admission Advisor

Medicine is a great human endeavor. Studying at medical schools can be a path to developing self-knowledge and lead to a rich and varied career. It is also academically demanding, very hard work and emotionally taxing. Each career path is a serious vocation. A career in medicine offers doctors an opportunity to provide a service to the public through the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, diseases and infections. Doctors are increasingly expected to provide social support to their patients.

Are you a person who likes to care for and support others? Are you contemplating a career? The golden opportunity strikes at the door of all those prospective students, who want to seek admission in a professional course & fulfill their aspirations and subsequently serving the mankind. Students and scholars at Sri Sai R Group of Institutions have tremendous opportunities to explore their interests and develop their thinking on a level very few universities can match.

Dream comes true for a middle class family now to have son/daughter as a professional in the family from Sri Sai R Group of Institutions, because everyone cannot pay huge amounts for the same qualification in India.

We find immense satisfaction in devoting all our time to helping students with proper guidance and information.

Mohammad Talha
Admission Advisor
Sri Sai R Group of Institutions